Hi! I'm Nikki Laxar. I was born and raised in the beautiful, eclectic state of Vermont. I've always had a fascination with the animal world and anything artistic. Most of my work involves combining the two in a very whimsical way. I'm a self-taught artist who enjoys learning new ways to bring my vision to life with every new piece. I primarily work with watercolor and ink. I really love the process of bleeding color onto paper and letting it trail off with just a little guidance. Layering ink on top of the paint allows me to really express my vision and stitch more detail into the overall piece.  Aside from my watercolor illustrations, I enjoy working with my clients to create realistic pet portraits, logo designs and tattoos. I've recently become happily obsessed with weaving fiber creations for home decor. I'm a die hard thrifter and enjoy repurposing everything I can. I love kitty snuggles, the moon and any music that makes my body and soul move.